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A Step Above Because of the Relationships They Form With Clients

In 2017, all of our staff became remote workers and we are in various locations around the country. By using to the Hybrid Cloud Solution that Onsite Technical Services provides, we are able to continue business as usual, without the worry that we have to maintain a physical server.

Onsite Technical Services is our provider of choice because we have a personal connection to the staff who are assisting us remotely. There is no concern over data safety or questionable practices. Onsite is an easy choice. While many people believe that you can “just hire a tech” to manage your IT needs, I would challenge that notion. Onsite is a step above because of the relationships they form with their clients. I have worked with other providers in the past, and Onsite Technical Services has been the best.

Dawn Executive Director
National Card Services

Unbeatable Customer Service, Fast Response Time And A Personal Connection

Your Cloud Solution gives me the ability to work from where ever I need to; my office, my house and while traveling! Onsite Technical Services customer service is unbeatable. Response times are fast and they never leave us hanging. They are mindful to our “busy season” so if issues occur, we do not experience long down times.

I don’t know any company that provides the services, the customer service, and the personal connection I receive from Onsite Technical Services. Jim and his staff never steer us wrong!

Erica Owner

Responds Quickly and Listens to Your Needs

The best benefit of your Hybrid Cloud System is the change is smooth with no noticeable hiccups. But the best part of using of Onsite Technical Services is their response time is exceptionally quick. If you want a firm that responds quickly and listens to your needs then Onsite Technical Services is the right choice.

Audrey President
AC Services Company

Allowed Us to Grow And Flex With Their Services

We have been a client of Onsite Technical Services for nearly 17 years. During that time, as our business transitioned, Onsite has allowed us to grow and flex with their services. They have solid systems and processes in place to ensure all team members provide the same level of quality service. Their IT Helpdesk ticket systems allow us to track progress while ensuring we are in the queue for the right solution to any issue we may be experiencing.

When choosing an IT firm remember, you get what you pay for. The team at Onsite Technical Services and especially Jim’s combination of expertise and tech-savvy abilities, along with his professional approach to servicing our IT needs brings a confidence that he is holding on to the big picture while staying on top of the details.


Robin Owner
Marketing Company