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10 Reasons to Choose Onsite Technical Services to Support Your Computer Network


We Support Both On-Premise and Cloud Solutions. In most cases we find that a Hybrid Cloud approach is the most economical way for a business to use technology. Some IT firms won’t offer onsite support because they cannot. Our philosophy is – and always has been – to offer what’s BEST for the customer, not us. That means having technicians that are available to go onsite. If you have a cloud solution you still need a connection and equipment to the cloud. Having security measures onsite is important so you don’t get hacked. We’ll base our recommendations on what YOU want and what YOU feel most comfortable with. Our job is to lay out your options, educate you on the pros and cons of each and guide you to the best, most cost-effective solution for you.


We Help Solve Your Business Problems - Here is our Mission statement. “Onsite Technical Services mission is to provide Small and Medium size businesses the support to leverage technology in a cost effective manner. Be a leader in Customer Service in conjunction with best practices and industry standards to establish systems, processes, and solutions for businesses.” This is why we went into business! We sit on the same side of the table as YOU to provide business solutions to business problems. We don’t try to sell you the latest techno gizmo – instead – we listen to your business problem and offer several strategies to resolve the ROOT of the problem and achieve your objectives.


We work for the Client. We have been brought in stealthily in the past to many businesses to take control away from a rouge employee or an out of control IT company. We are detached from all the personal and politics at a company. We have a NDA protecting our clients. We don’t care who got what bonus. Our job is to protect the client’s data and resources.


We have full time Technicians and Engineers on Staff providing Support. We are finding that a lot of IT companies are bringing in 1099 employees or worse yet paying companies outside the US to do maintenance/ project / server work. In most cases the businesses have no idea that they have foreigners typically from India logging into their equipment and being able to access the businesses data. We comply with all ITAR “International Trade and Arms Regulations” making us an easy choice for IT support in the Department of Defense community.


We provide Training and Education for our staff so we can provide a better experience for our clients. One of the biggest challenges for any business is culture. We have a brick and mortar presence. Most IT companies are forgoing this to save money. We feel it’s important that as a team we work as a team. Not any one person can know everything. Working together daily helps build bonds that our employees would not have if they all worked virtually in the cloud.


Our contracts are simple. If the client needs out they can get out. There’s no fine print holding the client hostage. Ask us and we will show you are contracts. That also means handing over all the passwords and documentation that we have acquired while supporting or clients.


We won’t nickel and dime you. We offer a variety of service plans, all at a monthly fixed fee so you don’t have any budget surprises. Some clients require 24/7 support, some don’t. Why pay for things that don’t matter to you.


We Supplement Your Current IT Staff - Have your own IT staff? We can help make sure they have any extra help they may need to keep your systems running smoothly. Whether it’s covering days off, providing extra assistance for special projects or managing the backups so they can concentrate on helping your staff with onsite concerns, we can provide cost effective support for your inhouse IT.


We Are One Of A Few Elite Microsoft Partners In The Country That Can Provide Software as a Service to our clients. We can provide hardware and software as part of your service agreement enabling our clients to turn Capex into Opex on hardware and software purchases.


100% satisfaction guaranteed. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. Give us one month to manage your network, and if you’re not completely happy with the Onsite Technical Services experience, we will refund your money. We will even give you $100 for your trouble.

Our Services

Managed IT Services

We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee.

Help Desk

We offer assistance with computer and network issues.

Hardware as a Service

We offer a complete IT solution for your business.

Data Backup & Recovery

Prevent the unexpected from ruining your company.

A Message from Our CEO:

Maybe you’re concerned with the current rising costs of your IT services, or maybe you are just running short on time because of your expanding business and need to hand over the reins of some services to someone else. Whatever your reason, we can help you with quality IT services today.

Your business can save money and time today with Onsite Technical Services’ managed services, network solutions, IT support and more.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

Honesty and Integrity, Won’t Nickel & Dime You

Onsite Technical Services stores and backs up our data nightly, so I’m confident our data is safe, secure and recoverable if our server should crash. Not like our last IT guy…

Your customer service is great! If we have an issue we contact support and a ticket is created. Then we can track and save all follow up notes. I appreciate the paper trail.

If you want honesty and a company with integrity, and not one that is going to nickel and dime you, then choose Onsite Technical Services.

Jill Office Manager
Contracting company

We Don’t Think About IT Anymore, We Call Onsite Technical Service & It’s Handled.

The Onsite Technical Services Hybrid Cloud Solution is wonderful! It works beautifully! There are two BIG benefits. 1) Our equipment is always maintained without hiring in-house IT personnel. 2) We have access to company files, email etc. from anywhere without security or privacy issues…

Signing up for your managed service agreement is the best thing we ever did. We don’t think about IT anymore, we just call you and it’s handled. In the past I have had recurring disputes with other IT firms because they only put band aides on issues, sent a bill and the problem was either not fixed or reoccurred with additional billing.

Make Onsite Technical Services your first choice! You have nothing to lose and peace of mind to gain. Jim, I am your #1 fan.

Linda Office Manager
Commercial Contractor

Onsite Increases Our Productivity By Improving Operational Uptime

Onsite Technical Services is our one-stop shop for our IT needs. Their depth of knowledge, customer service and talent is much better than other firms we have used in the past. Our company’s productivity has increased because of improved operational uptime.

We know our costs would be substantially higher to employ a full time in-house IT team and to keep their skills current. So, the overall cost of using Onsite Technical Services is much lower and the quality of service is outstanding. Their services cover everything, from hardware, software, cyber security, data management and troubleshooting.

Marshall President
Aerospace MFG

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