Cyber Security Solutions for the modern Business

Security Solutions are complex. We leverage HIPAA as well as PCI compliance in accordance with the best practices from NIST to provide solutions to protect your Data. There are many reasons for a business to need Cyber security. Reasons vary from meeting industry or regulatory compliance to loss of reputation. We have staff and resources to strengthen your security and educate your employees as to the threats. We would need to perform an assessment to see what your strengths and weakness are then we would come up with a Plan of Action and Milestones to remedy those threats.

HIPAA Compliance, Enforcement Top Priority For New Agency Head

Roger Severino is a man on a mission. If you’re not familiar with the name, and your company has to comply with HIPAA regulations, then you’ll probably be hearing a lot about (and from) him in the months and years ahead...

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Company Data Breach Costs Nationwide $5.5 Million In Settlement

Nationwide may be “on your side,” as their ads claim, but they’re not immune to data breaches, and in 2012, they suffered a serious one that impacted more than 1.2 million of their customers. A post mortem investigation into the breach...

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Internet Crime Has Become A Billion Dollar Industry

Anyone who works in IT or has any interest in data security at all can tell you that the number of hacking attacks is on the rise. Worse than that, though, is the fact that the hackers themselves are getting increasingly organized, and that...

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